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  • NYU Secrets hits 26K, new banner
  • Google I/O 2014 Registration!
  • Balloon Frenzy updated to 2.3!
  • Spring’s first day!
  • New logo, March 6!
  • Metro Navigator Open Beta released!
  • Luminosity Games now has accounts!
  • Merry Christmas!
  • 1000 Danger Zone Games!
  • Techbabblers has launched!

Help us reach 350 likes!

Published on April 7, 2014

Help Luminosity Games reach 350 likes on Facebook! We would very much appreciate it if you gave us a like to help us grow! IWEBIX Webdesign

Google I/O 2014 Registration!

Published on April 15, 2014

Google has opened the doors for registration for their annual conference in San Francisco, Google I/O. Anytime until April 18th, you can register for this year’s conference by clicking here. In celebration of this, we’ve decided to create custom Google codes for your games to both raise awareness for this amazing event and also to […]

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