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1000 Balloon Frenzy Games!

Balloon Frenzy
When Luminosity Games launched, we thought it would be a good idea to start keeping track of how many times our games are played and where in the world. Just over two months later, at 7:27pm EST on September 10, 2013, Balloon Frenzy! has seen it’s 1,000th game played worldwide. This is a huge milestone for us. It warms our heart to know that our hard work is being enjoyed on a daily basis.

Of course this means more codes for our loyal players. However, this code won’t be a % bonus, it’ll be a score bonus. For the next ten days only, use the code 1000 to get a whopping 100,000 score at the end of the game!

As a breakdown, over half of the games played are from people outside of the United States in places like Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Canada and the United Kingdom. If you’re curious to see how our other game, Danger Zone, is doing in comparison, below is a snapshot of our database. Danger Zone is over halfway with 503 worldwide games played!

Thank you so much!