Luminosity Games

Pokémon: SacredFire Released!

You’re a teenage kid living in Wingpoint Town. Life was all good until about 3 weeks ago. All of a sudden, your Mom has had enough of Team Rocket. After weeks of news reports of Team Rocket abusing wild and legendary Pokemon, your Mom decides to do her best to protect you. From the start, […]

Thanks Shawn!

Thanks to Shawn, known as ShawnSTheTechGuy on YouTube, for this Let’s Play videos for both Balloon Frenzy and Danger Zone. The link to his channel is in the External Links page above, and the links to his videos are found below. If you enjoyed his videos or are interested in reviews about technology, give him a subscribe. Balloon […]

Happy July 4th!

May the fireworks of pride, solitude and love for your country dwell in your heart and in the hearts of all our American brothers and sisters. Long live United States Of America! To celebrate this holiday, use the code PATRIOT in Balloon Frenzy and AMERICA in Danger Zone for 10% more score, for today only. […]

Database upgraded!

To ensure that our users don’t experience a slowing of our databases due to an influx of new players, we have upgraded to a new database that can handle more connections. Alongside that, we have optimized our apps be as efficient as possible with data. We hope that these changes will ensure that we can continue […]

First codes released!

To celebrate the launch of Luminosity Games, I have released the first publicly active codes for both Balloon Frenzy and Danger Zone. Head over to the Codes section of this website to take advantage of this offer. To use the codes, update Balloon Frenzy and Danger Zone to the latest version and input the code […]

Breaking new grounds!

Luminosity Games is a video game development studio based in New York City. Luminosity Games was formed by Android and Windows application developer Alan Morel with help from mobile phone expert Shawn Shakir. The games and software that were previously released under another alias have been transfer to Luminosity Games. As Luminosity grows and matures, […]

Luminosity Games Launches!

Today marks a special day for Luminosity Games. Today is the day it was launched! Even though it was just launched, Luminosity Games already has a wide variety of games and other software. Feel free to look around!