Luminosity Games

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Luminosity Games! As you trick-or-treat, dress up, eat tons of candy, and go to parties, all we wish for is that you do it safely. We decided to release new Halloween codes that’ll last for a week to ensure people have time to use them. Enter GHOST in Balloon Frenzy or BOO […]

Alancryption Update!

Similar to Prime Factorizer, we’ve updated Alancryption with a new algorithm which is both faster and more secure. We’re constantly working to improve our software so if you have any suggestions, please let us know. We credit everybody. If your idea is considered and implemented, you can get credited if you want. Our next post […]

Prime Factorizer Update!

Prime Factorizer received a small update today! We’ve optimized the algorithm for determining all the factors of the inputted number so it’s faster while being less expensive to perform when dealing with larger numbers. We’ve also added text that lets you know whether the number you’ve inputted is a prime number or not. Head over […]