Luminosity Games

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the day of good food, quality family time and, above all else, a day in which you can recognize and be grateful for all the things you have. We want to wish you and your family an enjoyable and happy Thanksgiving day. Fatten up everybody!

Xbox One has launched!

Following a week after the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4, we would like to congratulate Microsoft on the launch of their next-gen console; the Xbox One! With the release of the Xbox One, the next generation of gaming is now in full swing. All three major players now have their console on the market and […]

PlayStation 4 has launched!

As you know, the members of Luminosity Games not only create games, but we love to play them. We want to congratulate Sony on the launch of their next-gen console; the PlayStation 4! We’re sure many of you have already purchased your own and are playing it right now. Others are waiting for the Xbox […]