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One cheer for the New Year!

Luminosity Games lives to see another year! We’re excited for what 2015 holds. Everybody’s resolution should be to be better in the new year than in the old, and ours is no different. We want to keep improving our products and reach a bigger market than ever before. Thank you so much for a being […]

Chainball source code released!

First and foremost, happy December! It’s almost that time of the year again, Christmas! As we promised earlier, we decided to make the Chainball source code available completely to the public for free via GitHub. If any of you developers out there ever wondered how we coded something specifically, well here’s your chance. We were […]

Chainball source code coming soon!

Following in the footsteps of Smoothie Tycoon, we will be releasing Chainball’s source code on Github for the world to see. We’ve gotten a few questions regarding how the game functions and we honestly have no reason to keep the code to ourselves anyways. The code will be available on December 1st, 2014 and a […]

New codes, new updates!

Due to its popularity, we’ve decided to push out another update to Smoothie Tycoon. For the 1.2 update, we’ve added the game’s very first in-game upgrade, automatically refilling smoothie containers! This was one of the most requested feature so we made sure to bring it to the game as soon as possible. In addition, we’ve […]

Smoothie Tycoon is here!

Luminosity Games is proud to release Smoothie Tycoon! First off, happy Labor day! This summer has been an amazing one for us. Not only did we release an Android game, but just a month later, we have Smoothie Tycoon, a game for desktop! We couldn’t be more excited to finally share this game with the […]

Smoothie Tycoon: The Official Reveal!

Luminosity Games is proud to reveal Smoothie Tycoon! Smoothie Tycoon was started not too far after Chainball was released. In fact, it’s only been in development for mere weeks but, despite the relatively short development time, the game has made huge strides and has a lot of depth to it. Smoothie Tycoon will be made […]

Smoothie Tycoon announced!

Can you believe it? Just a month after Chainball was released and here we are announcing a brand new game! Now don’t worry, it may have been in development for mere weeks but the game is said to be “addicting” by those who have played the alpha version of it. The game is called Smoothie […]

Chainball is here!

Luminosity Games is proud to release Chainball, our third Android game! It’s our anniversary today and despite only being 1 year old, we’ve accomplished a lot. With Chainball now available on Google Play for free, our portfolio of games got even better. We’re excited to see what type of responses and feedback we’ll get regarding […]

Luminosity Games: First Year Roundup!

As we approach our first anniversary, Luminosity Games would like to take a look back at everything that has happened in our first year, and boy did a lot happen! Below is our first year roundup, a look at the important dates and accomplishments for us! June 9, 2013: domain registered. July 1, 2013: […]

Chainball: The Official Reveal!

Luminosity Games is proud to present Chainball, our next flagship game. Chainball has been in the works for the past month and will continued to be worked on until its release on our 1-year anniversary on July 1st. Chainball will be available for free on Google Play for devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher. […]

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