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Updates from the Luminosity Games Team

Smoothie Tycoon Update!

Smoothie Tycoon has been updated! The code is now at revision 20 and can be found by clicking here. In addition to cleaning up and reorganizing the code, double container has replaced auto-refill. Customer indicators at the bottom now have a new color, yellow. The game has also been re-balanced according to feedback received. Thank […]

New codes, new updates!

Due to its popularity, we’ve decided to push out another update to Smoothie Tycoon. For the 1.2 update, we’ve added the game’s very first in-game upgrade, automatically refilling smoothie containers! This was one of the most requested feature so we made sure to bring it to the game as soon as possible. In addition, we’ve […]

Smoothie Tycoon source code released!

Another first for us! We’ve received a lot of questions from people regarding how certain things in the game worked and we thought, why not just release the source code? Well, we’ve done just that. The source code of Smoothie Tycoon is now on GitHub! In addition to releasing the source code, we’ve updated Smoothie […]

New Pokémon, New Update!

With Nintendo’s recent announcement of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Ruby and Sapphire, the original games, will receive a 3D makeover. This brings the game up to current generation handhelds, much like FireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver did when those came out. In light of this announcement, we’ve decided to update our own Pokémon ROM hack, […]

Balloon Frenzy updated to 2.3!

With the launch of my personal website,, I had redesigned Balloon Frenzy’s logo in secret. With this update, the app itself will now sport the new logo. In addition, I’ve updated graphics throughout including the new Luminosity Games logo, a new splash screen and compressed images for a smaller APK file. This update refines […]

Alancryption Update!

Similar to Prime Factorizer, we’ve updated Alancryption with a new algorithm which is both faster and more secure. We’re constantly working to improve our software so if you have any suggestions, please let us know. We credit everybody. If your idea is considered and implemented, you can get credited if you want. Our next post […]

Prime Factorizer Update!

Prime Factorizer received a small update today! We’ve optimized the algorithm for determining all the factors of the inputted number so it’s faster while being less expensive to perform when dealing with larger numbers. We’ve also added text that lets you know whether the number you’ve inputted is a prime number or not. Head over […]

Double Update!

We’re happy to announce an update to both Balloon Frenzy and Danger Zone! With this double update, Balloon Frenzy gets updated to version 2.2 and Danger Zone gets updated to version 1.3. The updates are already live on Google Play. What’s in these updates: -Some optimization for performance -Some small bug fixes -External links corrected […]

Quadratix Update!

Math is great. It is even better when you don’t have to do any of it. That is why we decided to improve Quadratix! This updated version of Quadratix allows you to input two separate points. After inputted, Quadratix now outputs the slope of the line formed by connecting the two points and the distance […]

Database upgraded!

To ensure that our users don’t experience a slowing of our databases due to an influx of new players, we have upgraded to a new database that can handle more connections. Alongside that, we have optimized our apps be as efficient as possible with data. We hope that these changes will ensure that we can continue […]