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New codes, new updates!

New codes, new updates!
Due to its popularity, we’ve decided to push out another update to Smoothie Tycoon. For the 1.2 update, we’ve added the game’s very first in-game upgrade, automatically refilling smoothie containers! This was one of the most requested feature so we made sure to bring it to the game as soon as possible. In addition, we’ve cleaned up the code further, along with some minor bug fixes, to bring you the best version of Smoothie Tycoon to date.


We haven’t forgotten about our other games, however. That’s why we’re releasing two new codes for Balloon Frenzy and Danger Zone. Enter the code OCTOBER in either game for a nice 10% boost in score.

If you’ve never played Smoothie Tycoon before, click here to try it for free!

Thanks for reading!