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Smoothie Tycoon is here!

Smoothie Tycoon is here!
Luminosity Games is proud to release Smoothie Tycoon!

First off, happy Labor day! This summer has been an amazing one for us. Not only did we release an Android game, but just a month later, we have Smoothie Tycoon, a game for desktop! We couldn’t be more excited to finally share this game with the world. The game was a lot of fun to create and even more to play.

In Smoothie Tycoon, you live in a low-income and dangerous area in New York City. Your mom needs help making ends meet and so she asks you to get a job. Instead of getting a job, you decide that you would rather sell smoothies and see how that goes. Your mom, always supportive and loving, decides to allow you to do so, and even gives you a dollar every single morning to help you keep afloat. You have 30 days to generate as much money as possible to make her proud.

You should get started. She can’t wait much longer. If you’re on Windows, OS X or Linux, you can play for free, with no ads. What’s better than that? Head over to Smoothie Tycoon’s page and download the game.

If you like it, leave us a comment on our Facebook page and we’ll respond to you. Perhaps share a screenshot of how much money you made!

Click here to go to Smoothie Tycoon!

Thanks for reading and supporting Luminosity Games!