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Smoothie Tycoon: The Official Reveal!

Smoothie Tycoon Official Reveal
Luminosity Games is proud to reveal Smoothie Tycoon!

Smoothie Tycoon was started not too far after Chainball was released. In fact, it’s only been in development for mere weeks but, despite the relatively short development time, the game has made huge strides and has a lot of depth to it.

Smoothie Tycoon will be made available for free on any system that can run Java, including Windows, OS X, and Linux. In other words, if you have a computer, you can play. As with Chainball, Smoothie Tycoon will run at an HD resolution at 60 frames per second, thanks to it’s use of the game framework LibGDX.

Enough with the technical details, here is the reveal of Smoothie Tycoon!



Smoothie Tycoon is a game where you sell smoothies on the streets of New York. You need to manage your stand as efficiently as possible if you want to make the most money.

To make and sell smoothies you need:
• Fruits
• Ice
• Yogurt
• Juice
• Cups
• To refill your container

You can obtain and accomplish each individual requirement through different means. For example, you have to buy your own fruits. However, you can’t buy juice, you must make it yourself.

Your task is to ensure you meet every requirement so that your stand can continue running. It may sounds easy but managing your limited budget can get intense at times.


Like I mentioned above, you must buy certain ingredients and here’s a picture of the fruit shop. You can buy in bulk to save money but, sometimes, you simply don’t have the money so you must settle for a smaller, more expensive, amount.

To aid you in your stand management, the game gives you helpful tips each night. If you’re low on anything, the game will indicate it so that you may address the issue.


The game isn’t just simply about restocking on ingredients and then generating a set amount of money after selling cups of smoothies. You have the ability to grow your business through the use of upgrades and advertisements. Just like in real life, pouring money towards advertisements will increase the number of customers to your business resulting in more money to you.

Once you think you can afford it, you may place flyers or many other forms of advertisements to increase the visibility of your stand in New York. Watch as you get a new influx of paying customers!


The game has its twists and turns. Don’t think that because you’re doing well that you will remain that way. This is New York after all. You can get robbed! The game features events that can affect your stand so you never know what will happen!

That’s all we’ll be revealing for now. For the rest, you’ll have to find out by yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read the reveal of Smoothie Tycoon! We’re extremely excited and can’t wait to share with our fans this game.

We’re sure people will enjoy selling smoothies on the streets of New York and we’re interested in seeing what strategies other players employ to maximize their stands’ profits.

See you on Smoothie Tycoon’s official release date on September 1st!