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Contrary to what its name might imply, Luminosity Games creates more than just games. This section of the site is here to showcase any piece of software that isn’t exactly a game. Even though they aren’t games, you’re still more than welcome to give us any feedback!

Flash is a tool created by a student, for a student. Use Flash to create flash cards and help you study more efficiently. Save them, share them with a friend and improve your test scores!

Metro Navigator is a program created to help people navigate New York City’s subways. Check official updates, the map, and calculate the shortest route between two stations!

Alancryption is a fun encryption tool that uses a simple algorithm to encrypt and decrypt text. Use it to confuse your friends, then give them the tool to use for themselves!

Quadratix is a math program that FOILs out expressions into a quadratic. Calculate the distance between two points and even factors out a given quadratic.

Prime Factorizer is a small math program that tells you whether or not a number is a prime number. If it isn’t, it will factorize it down to it’s smallest factors for you.

Khaos Map is a tool for now-canceled game Khaos Online. Use it to create maps which you can save and load later on using multiple different tile sets.

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